Kris-tography captures life's important moments!

In this day and age photographs are an every day part of our lives.  We use them for business as well as pleasure.  We post them on line as well as on our walls.  Kris-tography can help you preserve these moments and to take care of your business needs. Including portraits, head shots, team shot, aerial business, and social media.

Currently focusing on Real Estate Photography. Including all inside virtual photography as well as aerial exterior.  I am working towards getting the ground pilots license which will be mandatory by July 2017.

I have complete 202 hours of study at GeorgianCollege.

I have been freelance photographer for many local news and promotional publications. As well I have donated my time for important local organizations and causes. Including Beeton Honey and Garden Festival, the Beeton Fall Fair, Beeton Legion, Rotary Club, Lions Club, BAA and FAB.

I am in partnership with Paw-fect Pets 'N' Supply in Beeton. You can find my work there as well as all of you Pet needs. Including a in house groomer and a great trainer.  Paw-fect Pets 'N' Supplies is a huge supporter of local small businesses. The 2017 Calendar is available. Make sure you pop in and get yours.
 If you have any questions, please contact me.



I want to bring my photography service to New Tecumseth and surrounding area.  I have enjoyed being part of the community and working with local organization.  Although I will still be committed to the community events I am looking forward to moving forward within the real estate community helping market your homes to its full potential while improving my own potential.

Stay tuned, and suspend beauty.